Switzerland's finest Hotel Academy

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The Academy of Hotel Excellence (AoHE) is the preferred partner for independent luxury hotels in terms of qualified education.


As an unique network of independent luxury hotels the AoHE offers practice-oriented, contemporary education and excellent career opportunities

Our history

The Academy of Hotel Excellence (AoHE) has been found on the 15th of June 2011 by the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz AG and the University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur as an independent company. Due to growing challenges in the recruitment of good employees it is important for individual hotels to be an attractive employer and to provide to the junior management not only the possibility for professional promotion prospects but also academic training opportunities. The AoHE opens up new possibilities to employees as well as companies: talents are able to aim at an academic career without any detours, to accumulate internationally renowned ECTS points and to promote their career in the hospitality and tourism industry. Companies on the other hand will profit from first-class educated employees with a suitcase full of professional, methodical and management expertise as well as passion for their tasks.